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This is a list of summer programmes, both general and for specific programmes, such as Arts, Medicine or Veterinary Studies, in the United Kingdom. Please feel free to contribute others by adding them to the table.

Course Description Web link:
Arts U Bournemouth (UK) summer courses
Debating, Law, History and Philosophy summer school
IB Specific summer courses
King's College London summer schools
LSE (UK) (selective) summer school
Medicine-related projects worldwide and London
Oxford IB Courses in Cambridge
Oxford, UK based general academic summer schools
Queen Mary University of London summer school
Royal Veterinary College (University of London, UK) Pre -Veterinary Summer School
St Andrews University summer schools
St George's University of London, (UK) International Medical Summer School
Summer volunteer projects at Edinburgh Zoo
UK based science immersion programmes
University College London summer schools
University of Exeter Medicine Summer School
University of the Arts London summer arts preparation courses
Various academic tutorials in Oxford, UK